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Lease to buy
All Clean
Tandem Skydive over Busselton and Margaret River
AUD$ 170 rent/hour
Surf Lessons
USD$ 165 rent/day
Cairns Sky Dive, Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tour and Cruise
AUD$ 595 rent/day
Dunsborough 30-Minute Jet Boat Ride
AUD$ 69 rent/hour
Discover Local Scuba Diving in Perth
AUD$ 42 rent/hour
Jurien Bay Tandem Skydive, Pinnacles and Sandboarding Day Trip
AUD$ 660 rent/day
Shoalwater Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson
AUD$ 113 rent/hour
Byron Bay Tandem Sky Dive
AUD$ 88 rent/hour
Single Seat Fishing Kayak
USD$ 95 rent/day
Reef and Rainforest Tandem Sky Dive in Cairns
AUD$ 92 rent/day
Whitsundays Jet Ski Tour
AUD$ 95 rent/day
Dunsborough Jet Boat Sea Safari Along Cape Naturaliste Coast
AUD$ 49 rent/hour
Mt. Buller Ski Tour from Melbourne
AUD$ 138 rent/day
Perth Jetpack or Flyboard Flight Experience
AUD$ 109 rent/hour
Mt Buller Snowfields Day Trip from Melbourne with Optional Ski
AUD$ 154 rent/day
Perth Jet Ski Tour
AUD$ 220 rent/hour
Jurien Bay Beach Tandem Skydive
AUD$ 88 rent/hour
Perth Jetpack or Flyboard Experience
AUD$ 149 rent/hour
Shoalwater 6-Day Complete Kiteboarding Course
AUD$ 990 rent/day
Private Mount Buller Ski and Snow Tour from Melbourne
AUD$ 649 rent/day