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iPod Docking Speaker For Rent
Rent: AUD$100
Rent: RMB¥150
Rent an iPhone 6
Rent: AUD$5
Mini Loader- Dingo / Kanga / Toro c/w 4 in 1
Rent: AUD$220
Vacuum Concrete Dust
Rent: AUD$80
Vacuum Cleaner 2 Motor
Rent: AUD$66
Vacuum Cleaner 1 Motor
Rent: AUD$55
Vac Rug Doctor
Rent: AUD$60
Vac Rug Doctor
Rent: AUD$60
Chipping Hammer
Rent: AUD$22
High Pressure Drain Cleaner
Rent: AUD$50
Pressure Washer/ Water blaster 3000 PSI Petrol
Rent: AUD$110
Pressure Washer/ Water blaster 1900 PSI Electric
Rent: AUD$90
Compressor Hose and Breaker
Rent: AUD$170
Beam Blower
Rent: AUD$10
Breaker Heavy
Rent: AUD$50
Porta Power Push Kit
Rent: AUD$45
Nail Gun Finishing Gas Operated
Rent: AUD$75
Nail Gun Finishing (DA) / Framing
Rent: AUD$45
Nail Gun Decking (Coil) / Fencing / Clout
Rent: AUD$50