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Angela Hawkey of Angela Hawkey Photogrpahy
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Angela Hawkey of Angela Hawkey Photogrpahy

AUD$ 1,800 rent/day

I am Amy Neeson. I grew up listening to INXS. I remain up late. I ponder what tomorrow will bring. I adore listening to stories old individuals tell. I like the possess an aroma similar to mothballs on vintage garments. My most loved blossoms are Peonies, and I adore sweet pink bubbly champagne. I think its fine to rhyme. I get a kick out of the chance to imagine I'm a ballet dancer. I spill my breakfast. I don't get hiccups when I'm apprehensive, however I do stress over trapeze craftsmen. I cherish luxurious edges and smelly old books. I am content about getting more established. I think dedication is so imperative. My most loved motion picture is Easy Virtue, and I cherish the shading green. Espresso and chocolate are my shortcomings, and champagne. Also, perhaps shoes too.Coverage incorporates Wedding Coverage: Full Ceremony Coverage Assemble/Family Photographs after Ceremony Wedding Party Location Shoot 250 altered howdy res pictures on circle/USB 70 (5×7"") prints

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Contact person: Photographers.com.au
Phone no.: 0410 537 050
E-Mail: amy@amyneesonphotography.com.au
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