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Graham Borrowman of Grahammurrayphotography
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Graham Borrowman of Grahammurrayphotography

AUD$ 2,500 rent/day

My wedding rationality is to attempt and keep things as basic as would be prudent, not to over entangle the day with strict time or picture limitations. The day is about the lady of the hour and prep and the photographs ought to mirror that! I jump at the chance to be adaptable and attempt to oblige each individual's needs and needs. A standard entire day wedding as a rule goes for around 12 hours so I offer a fundamental bundle that covers the regular 12 hour day (lady of the hour and prep preparing, service, post-function area shoot, gathering and so on.

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Contact person: Photographers.com.au
Phone no.: 416 175 286
E-Mail: graphers.photo-graphics@yandex.com
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