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Jenni Greene of Jenni Greene Photography

AUD$ 850 rent/day

I plan to give an individual and agreeable experience when I work for you. I am a neighborhood Launceston picture taker. I am likewise a full-time worker. I am generally a picture taker after business hours and on weekends; those are the times I can give to contemplating my art, shooting my pictures, and additionally time in after creation altering. On ask for and with a lot of notice, option times and days may be conceivable. I cherish catching and making excellent pictures with my camera to make others grin and to add a touch of bliss to individuals' lives Some say that makes me a picture taker. I adore what I do .. what's more, some of what I do is photography. I trust when you take a gander at my pictures you grin Includes: Up to 8 hours scope, Brilliant computerized pictures - all gave on flawlessly bundled USB. Pictures gave in shading and chose ones in highly contrasting On the off chance that you need longer scope, prepare prep, go outside Launceston, or photobooth these are accessible at an extra cost.

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Contact person: Photographers.com.au
Phone no.: +61-04106-78531
E-Mail: graphers.photo-graphics@yandex.com
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