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Lisa Thompson of Lisa Thompson Photographer

AUD$ 2,800 rent/day

My other extraordinary love is photography and something I have been doing truly since a young lady and professionally for a long time. I consider it a great deal and it is my bedside perusing. The best some portion of photography for me is shooting individuals, be it wedding, publication, corporate, picture, travel and so forth The subject fundamentally needs to breath, then I am upbeat. Scope is the same for the greater part of the Book and Album bundles and is incorporated into every bundle. I more often than not begin at where the prep is preparing (on the off chance that he is inside 15km of where the lady of the hour is preparing). These photographs are extremely casual and are more about the prep and his groomsmen and typically are for around 30 minutes. Lady of the hour and bridesmaids scope generally begin 2 hours preceding the lady of the hour leaving for the function. This is one of my most loved parts as the lady of the hour is so centered around preparing that she actually overlooks I'm there. Ideal for incredible real to life photographs. At that point there are the function photographs and as a rule the relatives photographs take after this.

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Contact person: Photographers.com.au
Phone no.: 2-9453-0781
E-Mail: lisa@lisaphoto.com.au
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