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Rachel Sherman of Rachel Sherman Photography
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Rachel Sherman of Rachel Sherman Photography

AUD$ 1,950 rent/day

With your unique day coming up, it's essential to locate the right picture taker to catch each exceptional minute from your wedding. These photographs will be put into collections, held tight your dividers, distributed to relatives, put on notes to say thanks and valued for some, numerous years to come. I would love to work with you to catch the best of your big day. From drift to nation, I am glad to go to your wedding, paying little heed to whether it's on the shoreline, in the garden or level out in the enclosure. With a foundation in photojournalism and an eye for all things delightful, I can furnish you with a brilliant blend of narrative style and compelling artwork pictures from your wedding. I was likewise Highly Commended in the 2015 Bride's Choice Awards for North West and New England Weddings. All wedding bundles now incorporate a wonderful hand crafted collection.

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Contact person: Photographers.com.au
Phone no.: 0427 570 506
E-Mail: info@rachelsherman.com.au
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