| | | The Chapel (Entire Venue) Hire a excellent venue
The Chapel (Entire Venue) Hire a excellent venue
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The Chapel (Entire Venue) Hire a excellent venue

AUD$ 2,125 rent/day

Built up in 1857 as the Mt Zion Chapel, this building was changed in 2012 following 10 years of laying lethargic. Disintegrating dividers were supported and the house of prayer was beautifully revamped and overwhelmed with regular light. Presently a bistro by day and a magnificent capacity room by night, The Chapel's trademark shape and beguiling inside roof shafts make no mystery of its past as a position of love. The Chapel is an obliging open space ideal for canape/mixed drink capacities or a rich take a seat supper. The design is straightforward and strong, which means a lot of blending. The brightly outfitted side deck is warmed in winter, ideal for all-season skipping under the stars.

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Contact person: partystar
Phone no.: +61 3 5222 6905
E-Mail: list@partystar.com.au
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