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The Lobby Restaurant - Venue hire for wedding
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The Lobby Restaurant - Venue hire for wedding

AUD$ 2,500 rent/day

Worked in 1968, The Lobby Restaurant is the most established running eatery in Canberra and offers completely the most customized and mindful eating background in Canberra. The eatery is wrapped in three dividers of floor to roof glass permitting a perspective of Old Parliament House and rich molded gardens and holds the glorious unique high roof produced using cleaned timber supports. Outside is the first stone cobbled patio encompassed by delightful greenery enclosures and our tree lined yard disregarding the National Rose Gardens. 

The eatery is exquisite with fresh white material, new posies of blooms and during the evening the candles are reflected in the glass giving a captivated feel to the eatery. 

Throughout the years we have taken into account both the huge and little weddings at The Lobby, and at areas all over Canberra and its encompasses. The Lobby's providing food is second to none and can be orchestrated any setting. 

The Lobby Restaurant can offer a basic yet exquisite mixed drinks style wedding, a smorgasbord style or even an entire 5 course take a seat menu and we assurance to surpass your desires on each event. 

Max Capacity: 180 Guest

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Contact person: EasyWeddings
Phone no.: +61-8-8978-8877
E-Mail: sales@easyweddings.com.au
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