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Woodlands of Marburg - Hire a excellent venue
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Woodlands of Marburg - Hire a excellent venue

AUD$ 3,450 rent/day

Forests of Marburg is a manor style bequest on 250 sections of land of immaculate greenhouses, vineyard and open enclosures. We don't simply ""do vintage"" we are the meaning of it thus substantially more... 

Browse a few function areas - the open-broadcast cave with shake sacrificial table, The Vineyard with huge fig tree, Rose Hill with perspectives over the Marburg Ranges or inside in the sanctuary. 

At Woodlands we don't simply ""do weddings"" we make enchantment in your style, subject and dream. Easily. 

A wedding at Woodlands of Marburg... 

Your day will begin in our marriage withdraw with every one of the bridesmaids. We convey light lunch and shining wine/lager to you and groomsmen will's identity in the strike bar together. 

When prepared for the function we will convey you by means of carriage to your visitors and your prepare. All completed signing...we clear you both away with your wedding party for photographs around the grounds. 

Your photographs finish we formally report you to your visitors in the gathering range where you feast on a 2 course exchange drop supper hand picked by you both at your menu tasting. At the point when the cake is cut it will plated with berries and cream and served up for pastry. 

Max Capacity: 300 Guest

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Contact person: EasyWeddings
Phone no.: +61-7-5464-4777
E-Mail: sales@easyweddings.com.au
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